Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take you to attend my house?

We aim to be with you the same day you call us but sometimes this is not possible, so we will arrange a visit with you on the phone that suits you. Normally it is within a couple of days.

Do I have to have a new aerial when you visit?

No of course not, we can usually make the equipment you have good. Sometimes when we replace a socket or a cable, your TV reception comes back, we will not sell you something you do not need.

My Satellite dish needs re-aligning, do you do this?

Yes, anything to do with satellite systems, dishes, tuning, alignment, LNB's etc... Get in touch with us vis our website and we can help.

My TV is no longer receiving any channels?

We can help with this, have you tried doing a re-tune? You can do this yourself on your TV or your receiver, in the settings somewhere there will be the option to setup and do a service scan to re-scan your TV channels, if this does not fix it, give us a call and I am sure we can fix it for you.

CCTV or network installations?

We can mount and wire in your CCTV equipment, if you have bought your own security system, but need assistance putting up the cameras and cabling, we can help with this. Once we mount the cameras, we test them with your system, you can then setup your system. The same with computer cabling, we can wire in a new network port in any room of your house.

Telephone extension points?

Along with wiring in additional TV points, satellite points, network points we can also fit a telephone extension for you.